Rushendra Rustam was born in West Sumatera, Indonesia.Completed studies in informatics and received a degree BSc (Sarjana Komputer) in Computer Science from University Budi Luhur Jakarta and  M.Eng (Master Teknik) in Management Telecommunication from the University Mercu Buana, Jakarta.

He is worked in several companies (banking, international expedition & cargo, health care, provider content mobile, cyber security research, etc)  as a network administrator, programmer, researcher, analyst system, system integrator, senior researcher and auditor technology. Also he is worked as a Lecturer Informatics in several university, academic and college informatics in Jakarta, West Java and Banten.  Recently as a lecturer Mercu Buana University, Jakarta.

Currently he is a PhD Candidate at the Department of Electrical Engineering at the Universitas Indonesia (UI) and Universite de Haute Alsace (UHA), France.

Now, his main reasearch focuses around the area of Intelligent Transportation System, Internet of Things, Cyber Security, Software Engineering, Machine Learning and Deep Learning